The Tarkwa plant is located on the mining concession of Gold Fields Limited, a South African mining company. The Tarkwa gold mine in the Tarkwa Nsuaem district of the Western Region of Ghana. The plant is made up of three Solar Mars 100 gas turbines each with a capacity of 11.5MW and two Solar Titan 130s with 16.5MW capacity each. Currently, the Tarkwa plant’s installed capacity is 66MW and available capacity is 58MW.

The Tarkwa plant was commissioned in November 2016 and commenced operations immediately. The plant is directly connected to an existing 11kV line that runs between the Tarkwa plant and the Gold Fields mine.

The Tarkwa plant has run on natural gas since 2019 and focuses on efficient, reliable generation and delivery of electricity for the Gold Fields mine.

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2 Solar Titan 130 units, 3 Solar Mars 100 units and 1 Caterpillar Black Start Generator Unit