Reducing our environmental impact is a core consideration in how we operate, and we have well established Health, Safety and Environment policies and procedures in place. In line with our mission, we are committed (in the long term) to providing energy solutions that are exclusively low carbon.

Basing our operations on transition technologies and fuels, as an interim step towards our long term objectives, allows us to develop the basic energy infrastructure required to provide clients access to reliable, sustainable and cost-effective energy. Over the next decade, we plan to convert our assets from transition solutions to low carbon energy solutions.

Transition Phase

Over the next decade, we will focus on 3 key objectives:

1. Expansion

Building and operating the basic energy infrastructure (natural-gas-fired power generation, natural gas midstream solutions and electricity transmission solutions) to deliver reliable, sustainable and affordable electricity and natural gas to our clients.

2. Conversion

Facilitating the conversion of clients’ equipment (stationary and mobile) from heavy hydrocarbons to natural gas fuels as a transition to hydrogen fuels.

3. Development

Developing wind and hydro-electric energy solutions to be built and operated during the Low Carbon Phase.

See our Operations to read about the facilities meeting our objectives.

Low Carbon Phase

We have identified 3 core objectives for our Low Carbon Phase:

4. Renewables

Switching a majority (>85%) of our electricity solutions to PV solar, wind and hydro-electric solutions.

5. Hydrogen

Switching client equipment (stationary and mobile) to hydrogen fuels.

6. Batteries

Deploying alternative batteries such as cryogenic storage and pumped hydro.

We will work to achieve these objectives over the next decade. The timeline below illustrates the expected development periods and commissioning dates for the projects described.

Genser Low Carbon Timeline