Genser is currently developing a virtual gas pipeline system to deliver LCNG to industries outside the territory of Genser’s existing natural gas infrastructure. Working in partnership with licensed  gas retailers and transporters,  this gas distribution system will include the installation of Micro LCNG Liquefaction Stations (“Mother Stations”) at each of Genser’s six Regulating and Metering Stations for the production, storage and transportation of commercial quantities of LCNG to industrial consumers such as breweries, food manufacturers, cement manufacturers and other industries.

Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) will supply the natural gas to be processed at these Mother Stations via the existing pipeline network. The LCNG produced will then be delivered to industrial consumers via specialized cryogenic Semi-Trailers.

Genser will work in partnership with licensed LCNG retailers for the installation and maintenance of an LCNG storage and regasification terminal (“Daughter Station”) onsite at the client’s production facilities. These Daughter Stations will comprise of specialized cryogenic storage tanks, unloading skids, vapourizers and a regulating and metering station that will provide ample fuel supply backup for continuous operations.