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Stakeholder Engagement

Community Relations Department of GEGL prioritizes engagement with a wide range of stakeholders in over 150 communities affected by the natural gas pipeline project and power plant operations. 

Grievance Management

GEGL grievance management approach employs a two-tier approach to grievance management that allows for effective internal and external resolution of grievances reported by stakeholders especially project affected persons or communities. The Grievance process ensures for effective process for receiving, assessing, assigning, investigating, responding and implementing remediation and efficiently monitoring to ensure that issues or concerns of all stakeholders are addressed. 

CLO Management

The CLO management program is a strategic community-based program that seeks to elect influential, respected persons and opinion leaders to represent GEGL at the community and traditional level. This is a proactive approach to addressing key issues in the communities and to foster good relations with members of the community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Genser Energy through its community relations department incorporates the perspectives of the community, including traditional authorities, youth groups, and vulnerable groups like women, children, and the elderly, in the development of their CSR programs. Through the CSR programs, the Community Relations team makes a positive impact in Genser Energy's communities, fostering lasting relationships and driving socio-economic progress. 

Training and Employment Opportunities

The Community relations team as part of efforts to enhance community participation in the graduate training program of Genser executed various training programs on career training, CV writing and interview skills to enhance the skills of various graduates within the operational communities.

Support to ESG Department

The Community Relations team as part of its effort to ensure continuous stakeholder participation in environmentally sustainable projects launched the one million tree planting initiative where the team with the help of various stakeholders along the PP02 planted over 70,000 tree seedlings at various stations, communities and on the ROW.

Case studies

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