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Company overview

Genser Energy is a diversified energy company, incorporated in the USA with operations in West Africa. 

We are the leading embedded power generation producer in Ghana with just over 200MW of installed capacity. Over the last 18 years, we have designed and built seven power plants in Ghana and one in Burkina Faso. We continue to operate five of these, providing power to Ghana's leading gold mines, transferring the others to customers.

We distribute natural gas through our pipeline network of over 425km, selling power and natural gas to mines and industry.

We design, finance and build our power generation, gas distribution and gas midstream assets and are currently constructing a gas conditioning plant and cryogenic storage tank to enhance our gas midstream business.

A strong position in the industry

>18 years

Serving West African

# 1

Private Owner of 
Natural Gas Pipeline
in Ghana




# 1

C&I IPP in 

West Africa

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